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You And Me

Cause everything’s right
And everything’s cool
It’s the love side of my life
That is so far from right

And I know I’m not the only one
I who used to fail
How you used to be
That happiness is the only thing I need

You and me
Are not in love
The way we're supposed to be
And though I choose you
I just want the one you used to be

I just want to look into your eyes
And trust who I see
But you're finding faults
Ands you blame them all on me
And that's so far from right

Cause I'm in love
With someone that you used to be
That I couldn't find
But that happiness is the only thing I need

I wish you could look at me with
Your eyes you did before
Maybe when we took our vows
We should have though about it more

As we grow older
And we both grow miles apart
And you're lying there beside me

And you do not want to be mine

30.11.08 19:58

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